Wednesday, November 26, 2008
relevant issues

AIDS Wolf at the Emergency Room was one of my favourite shows last year, so I was pretty psyched for their show at the Biltmore last night. Also, while I was into Lovvers, I think Cities of Glass is a big step up, so anticipation was high. Thankfully, the band, who have a new guitarist, didn't disappoint. They were loud, noisy, and totally uncompromising. If that sounds like your thing and you missed it, you missed out.

There's a reason that Shearing Pinx are Vancouver's most well known (in a relatively unknown scene) noise act. If you've seen them, you know what I'm talking about.

All of the Sex Negatives sets that I've seen have been purely improvisational, which means the quality varies. According to Justin (drums), they were going to write some songs this time around, but "couldn't get (their) shit together." I'd be interested to see what some composed pieces sound like, but they were still pretty good. Not the best set I've seen by them (Music Waste 07 takes that crown), but still enjoyable.

Oh, and I should mention, even though it's almost a week later (I was writing some articles), that Deerhunter was wonderful at Richard's last week.

Bend Sinister plays an all-ager at the Sweatshop on November 28th with Elizabeth and Bad Moves.

Transmission Festival goes down from December 3rd-5th. The Ladyhawk/Twin Crystals/Said the Whale show at the Biltmore kicks it off and you can see the line-ups for days two and three at their website.

Bad Moves also plays with Animal Names on December 4th at Honey.

On December 9th, the Cobalt hosts Duofest, which, as you would expect, features a bunch of two-piece acts. Tight Solid (Burnside from Treacherous Machete's new band), Boogie Monster, Stamina Mantis, Perlisk, Yagin, Baboob Torture Division, Botox Sharpei, and Chaos, Disorder, & Panic all perform.

Annuals are at the Pit on February 24th.

Land of Talk are at the Biltmore on February 7th, which is great, because I always like it when I can see one of my favourite bands within walking distance to home.

Speaking of that, I'm really excited about My!Gay!Husband!'s latest venture. Glory Days goes down at the Biltmore every Saturday and features, in addition to a rotating cast of great DJs, one local band a night (sometimes more). Here's the first few bands:
December 13th, for the grand opening, Gang Violence plays.
December 20th features Bend Sinister.
And the 27th is the Clips' last show for about a half a year.

There are more rad bands booked, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Lastly, the show booked for this Friday at the Astoria is off, since the venue is still closed. If you can offer up a replacement venue, let me know, and I'll get you in touch with the organizer.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So, after having the plug pulled on the venue and apparently almost losing their headliner, the Beyond Robson post-election soiree finally did go off at the Peanut Gallery on Saturday.

Women had some technical difficulties near the beginning of their set, but once they got rolling they sounded pretty good. The sound was way cleaner last time they were here (at Hoko's), but they played a bunch of new songs on Saturday, which were nice to hear. The new material isn't a far cry from the songs off of their self-titled debut, but that's definitely not a bad thing.

The Clips, who may have played one of their last shows for awhile (Brasstronaut got a residency at the Banff Centre, so Edo will be out of town for 6 months or so - congrats, guys), came on before Women. The band practices in the Peanut Gallery, but I think this might have been the first time they'd ever played there. It was nice to see them on their home turf, especially if they aren't back there for awhile now.

As a Clips related aside, check out these photos by Chris Wang of their recent video shoot.

I got to the venue in time to catch the end of Gang Violence's set. They were pretty good to begin with and they're getting better every time I see them.

During Hot Panda and the Bicycles I was hanging in the back. I'm not overly fond of either band, honestly.

Tomorrow (Thursday, in case you're reading this tomorrow), Hard Feelings play with Golden Touch at Honey.

On Saturday, Fine Mist, Trembling, and SSRIs play at Casa del Artista. After the bands Mikey from the Barcelona Chair is spinning tunes. Admission is by donation and all proceeds go to Amnesty International and the Kuong Kyaw Refugee Camp on the Thailand-Burma border.

The same night, Elizabeth, Adjective, and Sex Attack are at the Peanut Gallery.

On November 27th, the aforementioned Barcelona Chair open for Assertion at Pat's.

On the 29th, Haggatha is at the Sweatshop with V. Vecker, Set Sail to Sea, and Leviathans.

The Sweatshop hosts another displaced ER show (someone called the cops on them) on December 4th with Wet Hair, Peaking Lights, Temptation, and Aerosol Constellations.

The next night, Mattress plays the Railway with the Doers, Shearing Pinx, Stamina Mantis, and gr8-2000. It's Shawn from the Doers' last show with the band.

Spiral Stairs (ex-Pavement) is at the Biltmore with Ian Moore on December 17th.

Matt & Kim are at the Biltmore on January 28th.

Lykke Li returns to play an even bigger venue (the Commodore) on February 11th.

And, Barr is off the bill at Richard's tomorrow night.

now playing: Marnie Stern - the Crippled Jazzer

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a heads up that the Women/Clips/Gang Violence/Bicycles/Hot Panda show is no longer going to be at DiMetric Studios. They're looking for a new venue, and you'll see an up date here when that happens.

This show is now at the Peanut Gallery. Doors are still 8:30pm (goes til 1am or so). I'm not sure if Women are going to play or not (word is that they may have started off for home when the show got canceled initially), but I'll try to keep you posted.

Happy voting and don't forget to check back about the show.

Thursday, November 13, 2008
there's no light underneath you

I was down at the Media Club last night to interview (for Discorder) and watch Land of Talk. The band's gone through some line-up changes since they last came through town, but the two new faces surrounding Liz Powell were in fine enough form to keep up with the engaging frontwoman. The songs from their new one, Some Are Lakes, sounded great (even better than the old songs, which often isn't the case). If you read this with any regularity, I don't need to tell you how much I love this band, so I'll just leave it at that.

On Tuesday, I was down at the Biltmore, despite the fact that I don't really like Gang Gang Dance very much. I do, however, like Marnie Stern, who opened. She didn't have Zack from Hella drumming for her this time around, but the guy who was behind the kit was almost up to the task of filling his shoes and the extra guitarist helped fill out the arrangements a little better than the iPod that the extra parts were playing off of last time she was in town. In case you were curious, she still rules at playing guitar.

Tomorrow, n213, Syrup, Nu Sensae, and Stamina Mantis are at the Peanut Gallery.

n213 also takes to the airwaves with Reflektionss and Fine Mist for a special edition (it's part of the station's fundraising drive) of Thunderbird Radio Hell on CiTR at 9pm on November 20th.

A.H. Kraken is at the ER Sweatshop with Love Tan, Sex Church, and Sex Negatives on November 28th.

Love is All is at Richard's on November 24th. Vivian Girls and Nodzzz are listed as openers for the rest of the tour... but not in Vancouver, apparently. (thanks to Konrad for the last two)

Mint is having an all-ages edition of their "Ridiculously Early Xmas Party" on December 5th at the Ukrainian Hall on Pender. The Evaporators, the Pack AD, Lois, Kellarissa, and thee Goblins all play. Plus, they'll be showing some videos of Nardwuar's various exploits.

The same night, Jon-Rae Fletcher (minus the River, I presume), the Albertans, Red Cedar are at the Biltmore.

Also at the Biltmore, Monotonix return to Vancouver on December 29th. Twin Crystals support.

And finally, Boyz Noize is canceled. (thanks to Mike from ChalkedUp for the heads up)

now playing: Sonic Youth - Mildred Pierce

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Friday, November 07, 2008
undiscovered sun

Jay from International Falls (and Fine Mist and Poison Dart) sent along a link to this free 4-song solo EP. In addition to having a rad name, it's full of sunshiney pop that might help you forget about how crappy the weather has been and will be for the next 4 months. It reminds me of old Of Montreal. And hey, the price is right.

download: Jay Arner - Jay Division

If you like what you hear, you can support Jay when plays with Fine Mist at Hoko's on December 613th with Apollo Ghosts (it's their 12" release party), Role Mach, and Ben and Gorodetsky.

Tonight at the Western Front, Isolated Now Waves and Thankless Records are doing a showcase, featuring Shearing Pinx, Nu Sensae, Reflektionss, Aja Rose Bond, A/D, Aerosol Constellations, and Japanese Graffiti.

Ladyhawk are at the Biltmore on December 3rd for an eclectic, but awesome bill that also features Twin Crystals and Said the Whale.

Discorder is having a birthday party (their 25th) at Hoko's on December 5th.

Mint is having their annual "Ridiculously Early Xmas Party" on December 6th at the Cambrian Hall (17th, just East of Main)

The same night, the Great Outdoors play the Biltmore with Eldorado, Weathered Pines, and D. Trevlon.

Fake Shark-Real Zombie are at the Biltmore on December 10th with Jakalope, 16mm, and Artisan Kane.

And, also at the Biltmore for a two night stand December 22nd and 23rd are Kid Koala, Kutapira, and Afronaut.

now playing: Jay Arner - Creative Art

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
all we need is money, just give us what you can spare

Carl Wilson takes a step away from arts and culture to bring us a post on Fandoms & the 2008 Election.

Do they still close the bars in the States on election day? A cruel and unusual punishment, especially considering some of the results over the years.

X - "The New World (live)"

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Sunday, November 02, 2008
have love, will travel

On Halloween, instead of catching Glassy Candy or some of my favourite bands doing their best Sabbath impressions, I drove down to Seattle to catch the Sonics, who were playing their first "hometown" (they're from Tacoma - close enough) show in 35 years.

More than any other act that I can think of, the Sonics succeeded in capturing an insane amount of energy on their studio recordings: they were raw, raunchy, and brimming with life. And, while they've understandably lost a bit of that as the last three or four decades have past, the guys can still play. Plus, while they've aged, their songs sure haven't, despite their relative simplicity.

To top things off, Steven Van Zandt (he played in this group called the E Street band that were pretty okay) joined them on guitar for three songs. Apparently, Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam recorded a version of "Don't Believe in Christmas") was invited as to perform as well, but he was at home with his newborn kid.

On Wednesday, I caught Soulwax's live set at the Plaza. I didn't really know what to expect, but they blew me away. On top of turning out ripping versions of their own songs, they also rocked (really rocked) live interpretations of LCD Soundsystem's "Get Innocuous" and Daft Punk's "Robot Rock." I was sort of on the fence about going, so an extra huge thanks goes out to Dustin for getting me in.

Before they played, they screened their new documentary, Part of the Weekend Never Dies. It didn't break new ground for documentaries, but as far as music films go, it's pretty good. Entertaining throughout, with a couple of really great moments. It's worth picking up as a rental at the very least or purchasing if you're really big on Soulwax/2 Many DJs/Nite Versions.

On Tuesday, I was at the Commodore for Yelle. I heard that in France her fan base is almost exclusively teenage girls, which is sort of fitting, since her performance sort of cemented the idea that she's the consummate pop star in my head. The singles were obvious highlights, but the album tracks really held their own as well. Bonus points for pulling off playing two different versions of "Je Veux Te Voir" (the album version and a really guitar heavy one) and having it come off really well, both times.

Women headline the previously announced show with Hot Panda and the Bicycles at Di'Metric Studios. The Clips and Gang Violence round out the bill. (thanks Gord)

No Gold, Mount Royal, Collapsing Opposites, and Fine Mist are at Pat's on Tuesday.

16mm open the Secret Machines show on the 7th.

And BSS and Tegan & Sara are getting what's probably a wild amount of money to play the Orpheum for VANOC on February 6th. Tix are fairly reasonable ($33-$37.50) and are only available here. (thanks Jessica)

now playing: Soundgarden - Rusty Cage

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2/8 Twin Sister, Eleanor Friedberger, and Ava Luna @ the Media Club
2/9 David Choi @ the Rio
2/10 Secret Chiefs 3 and Dengue Fever @ the Rickshaw
2/13 White Buffalo @ the Media Club
2/14 The Ballyntines and Pleasure Cruise (TT) @ the Biltmore
2/18 Grimes w/Born Gold @ Fortune (early)
2/18 Cruel Young Heart, Young Liars, the Oh Wells, and Matiation @ the Dodson Rooms (AA)
2/18 Cursive w/UME @the Media Club
2/19 The Asteroids Galaxy Tour w/Vacationer @ Venue
2/20 Veronica Falls w/Bleached @ the Media Club
2/26 DJ Krush @ Fortune
2/29 Trevor Hall @ the Media Club
3/6 Slow Club w/Signals @ the Media Club
3/7 Cloud Nothings w/Mr. Dream @ the Media Clubr
3/8 Islands @ the Rio
3/10 Memoryhouse @ the Waldorf
3/17 William Fitzsimmons @ the Biltmore (early)
3/18 Magnetic Fields @ the Vogue (AA)
3/21 Plants & Animals>/b> @ the Rickshaw
3/22 Drive-by Truckers @ the Commodore
3/23 White Rabbits @ the Biltmore
3/23 Loney Dear @ the Media Club
3/24 Sharon Van Etten and the War on Drugs @ the Biltmore (early)
3/25 Nada Surf and An Horse @ the Rickshaw
3/27 The Ting Tings @ the Commodore
4/5 House de Racket @ the Electric Owl
4/6 Chairlift w/Nite Jewel @ the Electric Owl
4/7 Heartless Bastards @ the Media Club
4/8 Metronomy @ Venue
4/8 Gotye @ the Vogue (AA)
4/9 Cults @ Venue
4/10 First Aid Kit @ Venue
4/10 Andrew Bird w/Laura Marling @ the Vogue (AA)
4/13 The Odds and the Grapes of Wrath @ the Rickshaw
4/14 The Joel Plaskett Emergency @ the Vogue (AA)
4/24 School of Seven Bells w/Exitmusic @ the Electric Owl
4/26 Justice @ the PNE Forum (AA)
4/27 M83 @ the Vogue (AA)
4/27 Yukon Blonde @ the Commodore
4/28 Neon Indian @ Venue (early)
5/6 Delta Spirit w/Waters @ the Electric Owl
5/9 Yann Tiersen @ the Rickshaw
5/11 Great Lake Swimmers w/Cold Specks @ the Commodore
5/12 The Boxer Rebellion> @ the Biltmore
5/27 Coeur de Pirate @ Venue

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