Thursday, October 29, 2009
mary ellen claims

Tonight, Tyvek play at last minute show at the Alf House with B-Lines and Nu Sensae. Entry is by donation, but Tyvek's coming here straight from Denver, so hook them up with some gas money if you can.

Twin Crystals and B-Lines play the Biltmore on November 5th.

The same night, Memewar celebrates their 10th issue at the Railway with MT-40, Wintermitts, and the Creaking Planks

Boys Noize is at Celebs on November 6th.

The Beige, Solarists, and the Abramson Singers are at the Biltmore on November 9th.

World Club, Bad Fate, and Witch Water are at the Princeton on November 12th.

Walter TV and Wreck Beach play Hotel (165 E. Hastings) on November 13th.

Neon Indian plays Shine on November 16th.

Search Parties, Role Mach, Stefana Fratila, and Aunts & Uncles play Little Mountain on November 19th.

Sun Wizard and Certain Breeds play the Media Club on November 20th.

Woodhands play the Biltmore on November 28th.

now playing: Fine Mist - Because It's the Ocean


Tuesday, October 27, 2009
hot bay

Contest: No Gold 7" Giveaway

So, this is the rad contest I was mentioning earlier today. At long last, No Gold's releasing something and they're doing it by way of 7" on the always wonderful Broadway to Boundary (who've also put out wax by Mutators, Shearing Pinx, Sex Negatives, and Hot Loins, with a Pink Noise 45 forthcoming).

Peter at who is the Broadway to Boundary has very kindly offered up two copies of this bad boy to coincide with tonight's release show at the Fortune Sound Club (with Basketball and Humans).

Even though this prize is worth jumping through hoops for, if you want to win, just send an email to quinn.omori [at] with the subject line "No Gold 7-inch" before midnight on Halloween and I'll pick a winner when I'm hung over and full of mini-chocolate bars the next day.

And, if you don't win (or even if you do--records make great gifts), you can order a copy direct from the Broadway to Boundary or find a copy in your favourite independent retailer soon (if not now).

now playing: Fine Mist - Murder Murder

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Monday, October 26, 2009
mommy, can i go out and kill tonight?

You've probably already realized it, but this weekend is a bit special, so let's highlight some Halloween happenings...

I'll start with one that's not part of the usual weekly events, but Black Mountain, Bison,and Sorcerers at the Rickshaw on Halloween will be epic.

Friday sees Prince Paul play Vancouver for the third Halloween weekend in a row. Why? I have no idea. But he keeps coming back, so you can probably expect a decent sized crowd at the Astoria for Damaged Goods.

If you recall Halloween at the ER a couple of years back, you'll remember that the Misfits cover night that they threw was all kinds of awesome. Far Away will try to recapture some of that magic (sure, the Media Club doesn't have that same aura, but, on the bright side, it has more than one working toilet) when they host White Cuts (White Lung & Random Cuts) and Nu-Lines (Nu Sensae & B-lines) doing their favourite Misfits tunes... and maybe some Danzig too. I have no basis for saying that last part, but if they weren't already planning to, maybe someone from one of the bands will read this and work up a cover of "Mother."

Saturday sees Glory Days and Night Shift teaming up to bring a pair of parties: Jeremy Jay, Fan Death, and Circlesquare at the Biltmore and No Gold and Bogus Tokus as the Astoria. Tix are $20 & $15 respectively, but you can get into one at 1/2 price if you have a ticket stub/stamp from the other.

No More Strangers is at the Lion's Den for Halloween only, where they welcome Don Cash, Cosmetics, and Humans.

Check back later tonight for an awesome, non-Halloween related, contest.

Oh, and I'll be filling in on This Side of Monday on CiTR tonight at 6pm. Tune in to hear lots of dead air and accidental profanity.

Regulars: October 26th-November 1st


Shindig @ the Railway: Bad Fate, Bench/Dawn Optimist, and Pro Nails
Sailing @ the Astoria: unknown

The Beehive @ Honey: back on November 16th
Discorder Presents... @ the Astoria: back in the beginning of November
Gypsy Fade Wednesday @ the Media Club: Mt. Career, the Shack, and Friendship & the Fawn

Honey Lung Thursday @ Honey: Timecopz, Indian Wars, and Student Teacher
Blastramp @ the Bourbon: no live act

Damaged Goods @ the Astoria: Prince Paul
Far Away @ the Media Club: Misfits Cover Night(!) featuring White Cuts (White Lung & Random Cuts) and Nu-Lines (Nu Sensae & B-Lines)
Good Burger @ Funky Winkerbean's: unknown

Glory Days @ the Biltmore: Jeremy Jay, Fan Death, and Circlesquare
Night Shift @ the Astoria: Bogus Tokus and No Gold
No More Strangers @ the Lion's Den: Don Cash, Humans, and Cosmetics

now playing: the White Stripes - You're Pretty Good Looking (for a Girl)

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quick update re: yesterday's announcement about Funky Winkerbean's...

No More Strangers this Saturday will be at Smiley's and Good Burger is back at Babar tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
mistaken for strangers

Sad news from Tristan of Winnie Cooper/No More Strangers:
I am extremely saddened to announce that No More Strangers is on a temporary hiatus. At the height of its success, the owners have imposed conditions on us and the Friday night "Good Burger" party that has forced us to leave.

After six months of making this night my life, putting in countless hours of hard unpaid work to struggle to break even and make the night successful, the bar has suddenly imposed (via a 1 am text message) ridiculous conditions that no promoter/human would accept.

I wanted nothing more than to be part of something that I see as an amazing music community. It has brought great joy to me to be able to put on shows for the talented emerging bands that we have in this city.

We have had problems with the new owners and their inexperience with the industry from day one. We have been extremely patient. It has been a constant struggle, one that has seen $2000 of my own gear stolen from the venue due to their inability to keep it safe and getting repeatedly broken into through an easy point of entry that they neglected to secure. Also, recently having my bike which was left locked up in the gear room "disposed of" was another blow.

We really appreciate everyone's support, from the bands that have taken a leap of faith in doing some of the first shows with us in a new format and music venue, to the supporters that have been with us from day one and come out to our shows.

Despite all of this I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished and vow to not make this the end. We have new plans in the works we will announce via our No More Strangers facebook group. Our Halloween show has a new amazing venue and we hope to still do our upcoming Saturday October 24th show but need to confirm some details. It has been a pleasure getting to know a lot of you through the night and I hope I can continue to do so.

Thank you again for your support.

Tristan Orchard
No More Strangers
I think I've already mentioned what an amazing job these guys were doing with this night, so this really is a downer. If anyone's got a venue that's looking for DJs who spin great music and consistently book great, local talent, drop Tristan a line.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009
jail stripes


- Above you will find the latest installment of Winnie TV, featuring Andrew WK and the Evaporators (who put out a pretty great little split 7" awhile back)

- White Lung debuted with their new guitar player on Saturday at the Astoria and the guy's (yes, guy) is pretty good at replicating their familiar licks. Can't wait to hear their soon-to-be-recorded full length.

- Also, on Saturday, I finally caught Random Cuts, the solo project by Justin from Mutators/Sex Negatives/etc, live. Definitely worth the way and I definitely can't wait to catch him again. I'm willing to confidently proclaim it the best band mostly made up of mannequins ever.

Regulars: October 19th-25th


Shindig @ the Railway: Weathered Pines, Manta Ray-Gun, and Witch Water
Sailing @ the Astoria: Walter TV

The Beehive @ Honey: Defektors and the New Values
Discorder Presents... @ the Astoria: back in the beginning of November
Gypsy Fade Wednesday @ the Media Club: back on October 28th

Honey Lung Thursday @ Honey: Quiet Kids, All Purpose Voltage Heroes, the High Arctic, and the Planes
Blastramp @ the Bourbon: no live act

Damaged Goods @ the Astoria: Bravo Juliet
Far Away @ the Media Club: Modern Creatures and Needles & Pins
Good Burger @ Funky Winkerbean's: Dead Ghosts

Glory Days @ the Biltmore: Sex With Strangers (CD release)
Night Shift @ the Astoria: Astoria Soul Club is on instead
No More Strangers @ Funky Winkerbean's: Wreck Beach, the Bad Fate, and thee Ahs

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Thursday, October 15, 2009
systemic heart

Chad VanGaalen is doing an in-store at 7pm at Zulu, ahead of his sold out show at the Rio tonight.

The Heard, the SSRIs, Makeout Videotape, and Vincat play the Biltmore tomorrow.

Speaking of Makeout Videotape, they're giving away digital copies of their Heat Wave EP for free. Just email for a download code and instructions.

On Saturday, Piper Davis and Wintermitts play the Biltmore for an Oxfam fundraiser.

DD/MM/YYYY play the Media Club with the SSRIs and Man Your Horse on the 18th.

No Gold celebrate the release on October 27th with Basketball and Humans at Fortune Sound Club.

Propagandhi play the Rickshaw the same night.

The Chinese Stars play Casa del Artista with Sensitive Hearts, the SSRIs, and Tigerhead on Halloween.

Jandek is playing the Scotiabank Centre on December 7th.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First off, thanks to the always wonderful MT-40 and the now-on-my-list-of-bands-to-see-as-much-as-possible, No L.A. Kill for playing Damaged Goods on Friday.

Second, thanks to Tristan and the guys from Winnie Cooper for putting on one of (if not the) local shows of the year on Saturday at the packed-by-midnight Funky Winkerbean's. I've sung the praises of Basketball, Gang Violence, and Boogie Monster before, and they were amazing as usual, but I should make special note of Babe Rainbow, who rounded out the bill.

A lot of you probably already know Cam from his other ventures (playing in Hot Loins - RIP - and working to make Music Waste happen every year), and if you read real music publications (Exclaim, NME, etc), you may have heard them praise him. I haven't piped up about it, since I usually just talk about live shows, and this was actually his first. It wasn't exactly the best dance party music (although, neither is Boogie Monster, I suppose), but it was pretty damn good. Check it out, if only to tell your friends you were into him before he blew up.

Regulars: October 13th-18th


Shindig @ the Railway: Kidnap Kids, Move On Citizen, and the Receptionists
Boosh Tuesdays @ ?:
Sailing @ the Astoria: Detention

Fake Jazz Wednesday @ ?:
The Beehive @ Honey: back on October 21st
Discorder Presents... @ the Astoria: back in the beginning of November
Gypsy Fade Wednesday @ the Media Club: back on October 28th

Honey Lung Thursday @ Honey: Shipyards, Stamina Mantis, Frozen Stake, and Burrow Owl
Blastramp @ the Bourbon: no live act

Damaged Goods @ the Astoria: Cobras Cobras Cobras
Far Away @ the Media Club: Kick Evrything
Good Burger @ Funky Winkerbean's: Heavy Chains (Andrea from Nu Sensae, Ann Marie from White Lung, and Brody, ex-Mutators)

Glory Days @ the Biltmore: no live act
Night Shift @ the Astoria: Defektors, White Lung, and Random Cuts
No More Strangers @ Funky Winkerbean's: "Covers night" featuring the Friends, Eeek, and the SSRIs

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009
bottom line

This week at Damaged Goods, I have the extreme pleasure of welcoming one of my favourite local live acts, MT-40 as well as a band I haven't heard live, No L.A. Kill (what's the best way to finally see a band you've been meaning to see for awhile? Book them).

Regulars: September 28th-October 4th


Shindig @ the Railway: Jody Glenham, Lengthy List of Lovers, and Tigerhead
Boosh Tuesdays @ ?:
Sailing @ the Astoria: unknown

Fake Jazz Wednesday @ ?:
The Beehive @ Honey: back on October 21st
Discorder Presents... @ the Astoria: Boogie Monster, Walter TV, and World Club
Gypsy Fade Wednesday @ the Media Club: back on October 28th

Honey Lung Thursday @ Honey: The Parallels, Hard Feelings, and Plus Perfect
Blastramp @ the Bourbon: Congress

Damaged Goods @ the Astoria: MT-40 and No L.A. Kill
Far Away @ the Media Club: Fine Mist
Good Burger @ Funky Winkerbean's: unknown

Glory Days @ the Biltmore: The Racoons
Night Shift @ the Astoria: back on the 17th?
No More Strangers @ Funky Winkerbean's: Basketball, Gang Violence, Babe Rainbow, and Boogie Monster

now playing: the Gaslight Anthem - Great Expectations

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Monday, October 05, 2009
my heart rate rapid

Metronomy and Fool's Gold play the Red Room on October 13th.

Torngat and Role Mach play at the Toast Collective on October 16th.

Adjective, Fake Shark-Real Zombie, the Good News, and Junior Major celebrate the release Quadruple Dare, a split 12" where they cover each other, on October 17th at the Rickshaw.

The same night, Lions in the Street, who've finally got their old label off their legal back, celebrate the release of their full-length debut at the Media Club. I gave it a few listens. If you've heard them before, you know they don't exactly re-invent the wheel, but if you like no-frills, old school, 70's rock, it'll be right up your alley.

Congress, Tight Solid, World Club, and Crystal Swells play the Rickshaw on October 21st. Expendable Youth spin tunes before, between, and after the bands.

Hermetic, Bad Fate, Oromocto Diamond, and Detention are at the Biltmore on October 21st.

Le Loup, Nurses, and Listening Party are at the Biltmore on October 22nd.

Blues Control plays Little Mountain on November 2nd with Solars and Gross Xmas.

Magik Markers, Sic Alps, and Shearing Pinx are at the Rickshaw on December 18th.


Thursday, October 01, 2009
living easy, living free

Beginning today at 6pm, CiTR hosts 24 Hours of Thunderbird Radio Hell. Starting in the mid-80s the weekly radio broadcast has brought in hundreds of local acts for some on-air live performance, and tonight they're filling 101.9's airspace for a full day. Tune in at 101.9FM or streaming live at between 6pm tonight and 6pm tomorrow. You can check out a partial schedule on the Facebook event.

And tomorrow, to celebrate a hard day's work on the radio, Twin Crystal, What's Wrong With Tohei?, and Dylan Thomas play the official after party at the Ukrainian Hall. It's free, by the way.

Not show related, but my friend Annie asked me to mention Taqwacore--The Birth of Punk Islam, a film that's playing at th VIFF. The screening this Saturday at 9:30pm features a Q&A with director, Omar Majeed.

And finally, bad news: Most Serene Republic lost a shitload of gear after their show here earlier this week, so keep your eyes peeled for musical equipment deals that seem too good to be true, specifically This stuff.

More show listings, etc soon.

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upcoming shows
2/8 Twin Sister, Eleanor Friedberger, and Ava Luna @ the Media Club
2/9 David Choi @ the Rio
2/10 Secret Chiefs 3 and Dengue Fever @ the Rickshaw
2/13 White Buffalo @ the Media Club
2/14 The Ballyntines and Pleasure Cruise (TT) @ the Biltmore
2/18 Grimes w/Born Gold @ Fortune (early)
2/18 Cruel Young Heart, Young Liars, the Oh Wells, and Matiation @ the Dodson Rooms (AA)
2/18 Cursive w/UME @the Media Club
2/19 The Asteroids Galaxy Tour w/Vacationer @ Venue
2/20 Veronica Falls w/Bleached @ the Media Club
2/26 DJ Krush @ Fortune
2/29 Trevor Hall @ the Media Club
3/6 Slow Club w/Signals @ the Media Club
3/7 Cloud Nothings w/Mr. Dream @ the Media Clubr
3/8 Islands @ the Rio
3/10 Memoryhouse @ the Waldorf
3/17 William Fitzsimmons @ the Biltmore (early)
3/18 Magnetic Fields @ the Vogue (AA)
3/21 Plants & Animals>/b> @ the Rickshaw
3/22 Drive-by Truckers @ the Commodore
3/23 White Rabbits @ the Biltmore
3/23 Loney Dear @ the Media Club
3/24 Sharon Van Etten and the War on Drugs @ the Biltmore (early)
3/25 Nada Surf and An Horse @ the Rickshaw
3/27 The Ting Tings @ the Commodore
4/5 House de Racket @ the Electric Owl
4/6 Chairlift w/Nite Jewel @ the Electric Owl
4/7 Heartless Bastards @ the Media Club
4/8 Metronomy @ Venue
4/8 Gotye @ the Vogue (AA)
4/9 Cults @ Venue
4/10 First Aid Kit @ Venue
4/10 Andrew Bird w/Laura Marling @ the Vogue (AA)
4/13 The Odds and the Grapes of Wrath @ the Rickshaw
4/14 The Joel Plaskett Emergency @ the Vogue (AA)
4/24 School of Seven Bells w/Exitmusic @ the Electric Owl
4/26 Justice @ the PNE Forum (AA)
4/27 M83 @ the Vogue (AA)
4/27 Yukon Blonde @ the Commodore
4/28 Neon Indian @ Venue (early)
5/6 Delta Spirit w/Waters @ the Electric Owl
5/9 Yann Tiersen @ the Rickshaw
5/11 Great Lake Swimmers w/Cold Specks @ the Commodore
5/12 The Boxer Rebellion> @ the Biltmore
5/27 Coeur de Pirate @ Venue

AA = all ages
DG = @damaged goods
DFTK = @dirty for the kids
FJW = @fake jazz wed
EN = @easy now
GD = @glory days
HL = @higher learning JH = @junior high
JY= @junkyard
RRPP = @rocknroll pizza party
SD = @shindig
TT = @toonie tuesday
NW = @no worries

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