Monday, August 31, 2009
diner's only

Why don't we start with bad news... because that doesn't happen enough in Vancouver. From Jarrett from Shipyards/Geographing/Phantom Islands:
I spoke yesterday on the phone with Jian from Hoko's. She informed me that earlier this week they received another visit from city inspectors. It seems that, much like the last time, the inspectors arrived looking to find faults and kept trying different avenues until they could finally pin something on Hoko's, leaving them with nothing to do but wait for a hefty fine in the mail. It has come to the point where Hoko's feels singled out and in light of this and what they feel is a continued unfair treatment by city officials(and I would add that I certainly agree with that sentiment), they have decided to close their restaurant.

Personally, I am devastated; Jian and Hoko found a way to make a business in an area that doesn't attract many casual diners viable, and in doing so made themselves an important part of the music community in this city. Anyone could book a show at Hoko's with just a myspace message, they never asked for any money from the bands/promoters, they took video of performances themselves and posted them online-- they went far and beyond anything that could have been expected of them in supporting the music scene. I've been working closely with Jian & Hoko since they reopened for shows a few months back, trying to help them out both through the Safe Amplification Society and just by doing as many shows there as i possibly could, but it's gotten to the point that they need to look out for their family and they feel continuing on is not a possibility.

I personally want to thank them again for all they have done, and I will be attempting to help them with this latest and last ticket they received by at the very least holding a fundraiser show at another venue in the coming months. Any individuals or bands wishing to contribute in any way are welcome to email me at
geographingrecords [AT]

Also, there are a number of shows booked at Hoko's this month that have been canceled last minute now, notably the Makeout Videotape/Search Parties/Half Chinese show on September 5th. Anyone who might be able to help us out with a new location for these shows would be very, VERY appreciated. On top of that, in my own personal note, I am left without a home to book my monthly Phantom Islands show, and I
would love to continue it on in a new location as well.

One more time, a huge thank you to Jian & Hoko for everything they did to create one of the best venues this town has ever had.

Jarrett Evan Samson
I'd add that I've seen countless great shows there, notably the very first time I saw Japandroids... you might have heard of them.

On to the weekly listings.

Regulars: August 31st-September 6th


Boosh Tuesdays @ the Cobalt: back on Sept 15th
Sailing @ the Astoria: unknown

Fake Jazz Wednesday @ the Cobalt: "Hearing Pin" (2/3rds of Shearing Pinx), Nu Sensae, Gross Xmas, Terror Bird
The Beehive @ Honey: back on September 30th
Discorder Presents... @ the Astoria: Fanshaw, Kidnap Kids, and Shane Turner Overdrive
Gypsy Fade Wednesday @ the Media Club: back at the end of September

Honey Lung Thursday @ Honey: back on September 10th

Damaged Goods @ the Astoria: Disaster
Far Away @ the Media Club: no live act
Phantom Islands @ Hoko's: RIP

Glory Days @ the Biltmore: no live act
Night Shift @ the Astoria: Vapid and Juvenile Hall
No More Strangers @ Funky Winkerbean's: Dreamboat, Stefana Fratila, and Balacade

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Friday, August 28, 2009

There's no Victory Square Block Party this year. And while I'd consider my favourite one-day event of the year irreplacable, Andy Dixon (Secret Mommy/Winning/a million other awesome things) and Mike Lapointe have gone ahead and organized a different amazing, local, live music event for your Labour Day long weekend. They've also conveniently set it for Sunday, which means I won't come into work the day after Labour Day for once. Times, locations, and bands are on the flier above. See you there.

Plus Perfect and Hard Feelings are at the Astoria on September 3rd.

Makeout Videotape, Search Parties, and Half Chinese play Hoko's on September 5th.

The Biltmores (feat. members of Nu Sensae, Gang Violence, Sex Negatives, Blue Violets, Random Cuts, and more) return for their third night of covers on September 11th at, of course, the Biltmore.

Rain Machine (the dude with all the hair from TV on the Radio) is at the Biltmore on October 2nd.

The Dutchess & the Duke and Sian Alice Group are at the Biltmore on October 3rd.

Passion Pit is at Venue on October 10th.

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead is at Venue on October 14th with Future of the Left.

Kid Sister and Flosstradamus are at Venue on October 19th.

Islands are at the Rickshaw the next night with ex-Be Your Own Pet frontwoman, Jemina Pearl.

Mum is at Venue on November 2nd.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why don't we start this catch up post with pics (and a video that I didn't take) from the Clips last show at Olio a few weeks back. Hopefully, you made it out to bid adieu to one of Vancouver's finest (though, if you didn't, they'll be back with new songs, and a slightly new line up).

And now a fast forward recap of other notable stuff:

- I caught Walter TV, Makeout Videotape, and Recreation last Thursday. I'd seen Make out Videotape before, but the sound was sort of abysmal at the show I caught. This time around was much better. Walter TV and Recreation were great as well. Apparently this was an all-White Rock (or White Rock-ex-pats) show.

- A big, big thanks to Manta Ray-Gun and Cat Attack who were both awesome on Friday at Damaged Goods. I booked both bands after only hearing their recorded stuff, but was totally blown away by how good they sounded live. It was only Cat Attack's second show, so look for big things from them in the future. I loved Manta Ray-Gun so much, I bought one of their tapes (if you see them, you should too).

- I was at Glory Days on Saturday for a friend's going away party. They don't do in-and-outs now. I can't remember any legal, non-Granville Strip bar doing that in this city.

One Cool Word is celebrating the release of their latest issue tomorrow at the Biltmore with World Club, Maria in the Shower, and Spoon River.

Justice Rocks (check the link for the full line-up) takes place on Saturday afternoon for free in Strathcona Park.

Also on Saturday, is the Bicycle Music Festival (once again check the link for the line up), which starts at New Brighton Park at 10am before moving throughout the city. The full route and schedule will go up here in a few days.

The Rain & the Sidewalk celebrate the release of their latest CD on September 5th with Role Mach and Collapsing Opposites.

Katasroyka, Girlfriends & Boyfriends, and the Ludvico Treatment play the Media Club the same night.

Hope Sandoval once again ignores her apparently crippling stage fright to play the Red Room on September 22nd.

Junior Boys are at Venue on October 8th.

Vic Chesnutt plays the Red Room on November 26th. He'll be backed by a band that features Guy from Fugazi and members of A Silver Mt. Zion.

Maximo Park, which was originally scheduled for September 7th at Venue, is canceled. A lot A handfulA couple of people are really bummed about that one.

And, last, but certainly not least, happy birthday to Megan from Fine Mist and Andy Dixon!

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Monday, August 24, 2009
lightning lip

Regulars: August 24th-31st


Boosh Tuesdays @ the Cobalt: Teenage Cool Kids, Fergus & Geronimo, Dead Ghosts, Timecopz
Sailing @ the Astoria: unknown

Fake Jazz Wednesday @ the Cobalt: Holzkopf, NR, Alf, Addust Tolly & Scant Intone
The Beehive @ Honey: back on September 30th
Gypsy Fade Wednesday @ the Media Club: Minto, Lord Beginner, Weathered Pines

Honey Lung Thursday @ Honey: War Baby and Horsefly

Damaged Goods @ the Astoria: Grunge covers by "Loser" (featuring members of Adjective, Fake Shark-Real Zombie, and Junior Major)
Far Away @ the Media Club: no live act
Phantom Islands @ Hoko's: August show is canceled--back in September

Glory Days @ the Biltmore: Basketball
Night Shift @ the Astoria: Pompoir and Certain Breeds
No More Strangers @ Funky Winkerbean's: the Manvils, Cobras Cobras Cobras, and Cartographers


Wednesday, August 19, 2009
brace yourself for the end

First things first, this week From Blown Speakers (hey, that's me) and Damaged Goods present two bands that I've never heard live before at the Astoria: Manta Raygun and Cat Attack. The easiest thing to do when two bands have recorded music that piques your interest is to book them to play... and I'm pretty lazy. Seriously though, their studio (or more likely, makeshift studio) stuff sounds great, and Cat Attack features one half of MT-40 (who know how to bring it live), so come down for good times (as per usual) at Damaged Goods.

Speaking of being lazy, this was supposed to go up on Tuesday, but I've been slacking when it comes to internerding. Sorry, Boosh/Sailing.

Speaking of Tuesdays, they're about to get a lot radder in September (and they're pretty good already), because Shindig is back soon! And because someone at CiTR is very kind, here's the list of bands to whet your appetite before the schedule is released in a week or so (if I were good at the internet it would say "FROM BLOWN SPEAKERS EXCLUSIVE" and there would be buttons for retweeting or something):
Aunts & Uncles, Bad Fate, Bench/Dawn Optimist, Blank Cinema, Bleating Hearts, Catamaran, Half Chinese, Hidden Towers, Humans, Jody Glenham, Kidnap Kids!, Lengthy List of Lovers, Machu Picchu, Manta Raygun, Modern Lakes, Move on Citizen, MT-40, No Time, Pro Nails, Search Parties, Seven Nines and Tens, The Living Deadbeats,The Receptionists, Thee AHs, Tigerhead, Weathered Pines, Witch Water

It's going to be a good year.

Regulars: August 179th-21st

Fake Jazz Wednesday @ the Cobalt: Eugene Chadbourne, Ora Corgan, and Yellowthief
The Beehive @ Honey: Dead Ghosts, Manic Attracts, Indian Wars
Gypsy Fade Wednesday @ the Media Club: back on August 26th.

Honey Lung Thursday @ Honey: back on August 27th

Damaged Goods @ the Astoria: Manta Raygun and Cat Attack
Far Away @ the Media Club: unknown
Phantom Islands @ Hoko's: back at the end of August

Glory Days @ the Biltmore: Old Money
Night Shift @ the Astoria: no Night Shift. Astoria Soul Club is on instead.
No More Strangers @ Funky Winkerbean's: Greenbelt Collective, Witch Water, and Adam Carter & Teal Booth

now playing: Manta Raygun - Melatonin

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Thursday, August 13, 2009
mind games

Memewar are looking to establish a new gallery/art/performance space in the DTES and are looking for people to help book and run shows and other events there. If you're interested in helping out or if you're a band (that's not too loud--it's near residential space), you can email them at info [at] And, of course, I'll post full details on the space and upcoming shows there once they're finalized.

Barn Owl play Little Mountain on Saturday with Solars and Thee Holee See (Josh Rose & Kellarissa).

The same night, Shearing Pinx, Stamina Mantis, Haunted Beard, and All The Days play the Rickshaw.

World Club, Bad Fate, and the Repukes play Hoko's on Sunday.

Makeout Videotape, Walter TV, and Recreation play Funky Winkerbean's on August 20th.

Greenbelt Collective, Role Mach, Collapsing Opposites, and Aunts & Uncles play Pat's on August 21st.

Immaculate Machine plays the Biltmore with Char2D2 on September 12th.

Pearl Jam plays GM Place on September 25th.

Os Mutantes play the Commodore on September 3rd with the Strange Magic (who also play on 4th Ave at Vine on Saturday as part of the "Summer of Love Revisited" festivities--PS worst name for a street festival ever).

The Black Heart Procession plays the Biltmore on November 12th.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A couple of years ago, a guy named Andrew emailed me to invite me down to the Chapel to check out his band, the Clips. Luckily, I got off of my lazy ass and actually made it to the show, because they impressed me enough to check them out again... and again.. and at some point they became one of my favourite local acts.

I was looking back at old blog posts and realized how many of the funnest nights I can remember involved going to see a Clips show at some point in the evening (usually in one of the city's "alternative" venues). So, it's with more than a touch of sadness that I let you know that MJ's decided to give up his guitar duties in the band (an amicable split), and, though Andrew, Edo, James, and Jeremy have decided to still make music together, with his departure, the remaining four will be shifting directions and changing names to respect the change in their line up.

While that means exciting things in the future, it also means that this Thursday at the Red Room for Olio is the last time to hear the Clips play their old songs live (so if what was already, in my humble opinion, the best show of the fest wasn't enough to get you out on a Thursday, you've got extra motivation now).

In atypical fashion, the guys have already revealed their setlist for Thursday:
Pennies (new song)
Space Kidz w/ "triad" segue to...
2nd Hand Deal
Untitled new song

...because if you want to hear something that isn't above, they'll take requests. The Olio website says "via marker on shot glasses (presumably full ones) bought from the bar and delivered to the stage," but Edo told me they'll play something if you write the song name on a sign.

See you at the Red Room.

now playing: the Clips - Wire


Monday, August 10, 2009
liquid lady

Considering it gets going on Thursday, I probably should have mentioned the Olio Festival earlier, but better late than never (plus, since My!Gay!Husband! is one of the brains behind it, you've probably heard about it). The fest runs Thursday-Sunday and features some of Vancouver's finest talent (plus a few touring acts) and takes over one neighbourhood a night on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Gastown, Main St., Downtown, respectively).

Passes are $25 at Zulu, Scratch, Red Cat, and Beat Street or online.

And here's the rest of the weekly listings:

Regulars: August 10th-16th

Skinny Mondays @ the Biltmore: unknown (looking for a new venue?)

Boosh Tuesdays @ the Cobalt: back on August 18th
Sailing @ the Astoria: back on August 18th

Fake Jazz Wednesday @ the Cobalt: Blackmage, Knuckle Dragons, Frozen Stake, Red Clover, Maquarrie, Arai, & Island
The Beehive @ Honey: back on August 19th
Gypsy Fade Wednesday @ the Media Club: back on August 26th.

Honey Lung Thursday @ Honey: Witch Water and Payday Millionaire

Damaged Goods @ the Astoria: see Olio listings
Far Away @ the Media Club: unknown
Phantom Islands @ Hoko's: back at the end of August

Glory Days @ the Biltmore: no live act
Night Shift @ the Astoria: Defektors and Sex Church
No More Strangers @ Funky Winkerbean's: Techromancer, Candles, and Ice Climbers... and it's Hussain's (Candles) birthday.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

White Lung is in need of a new guitarist. They've got studio time booked and are writing a new album (which shot to the top of my anticipated albums list as soon as Mish mentioned it) and they're set to head out with Nu Sensae for a winter tour.

If you think you've go the chops, email the band at whitelungwhitelung [at]

This Sunday, the No More Strangers guys present Mexican Drug Patrol, Witch Water, and Makeout Videotape as part of the weekly "Summer Spaces" shutdown of Commercial Drive (between 1st and Venables).

On August 15th, No Horses, Rose Melberg, The Evaporators, Ora Corgan, and Apollo Ghosts play out front of Zulu as part of 4th Avenue's "Summer of Love Revisited."

Also at Zulu (but inside the store), Jay Reatard performs as part of his string of West Coast in-store dates on August 28th.

Coco Rosie is at the Red Room on September 16th.

Titus Andronicus is at the Biltmore on the same night.

Deer Tick are at the Biltmore on September 25th.

Butthole Surfers are at the Commodore on October 12th.

Shonen Knife are at the Biltmore on October 25th with the Strange Magic.

Broadcast plays the Biltmore on October 30th with Atlas Sound.

now playing: White Lung - Amy White Out

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009
the new stone age

Regulars: August 3rd4th-9th

Skinny Mondays @ the Biltmore: unknown (looking for a new venue?)

Boosh Tuesdays @ the Cobalt: Phonecalls (formerly Pink Noise), No L.A. Kill, Detention
Sailing @ the Astoria: no live act

Fake Jazz Wednesday @ the Cobalt: RDC, Kraaak!, Zombiebite, Anju, Taskmaster & Rusalka, and Josh Rose
The Beehive @ Honey: unknown
Gypsy Fade Wednesday @ the Media Club: back on August 26th.

Honey Lung Thursday @ Honey: Kraaak, Stamina Mantis, Ahna, and Hulk Van Cogan

Damaged Goods @ the Astoria: Junior Major
Far Away @ the Media Club: unknown
Phantom Islands @ Hoko's: back at the end of August

Glory Days @ the Biltmore: Lioness
Night Shift @ the Astoria: the Tranzmitors, Boats!, and the TVees
No More Strangers @ Funky Winkerbean's: Phonecalls, Murder She Wrote, and Born Lovers

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upcoming shows
2/8 Twin Sister, Eleanor Friedberger, and Ava Luna @ the Media Club
2/9 David Choi @ the Rio
2/10 Secret Chiefs 3 and Dengue Fever @ the Rickshaw
2/13 White Buffalo @ the Media Club
2/14 The Ballyntines and Pleasure Cruise (TT) @ the Biltmore
2/18 Grimes w/Born Gold @ Fortune (early)
2/18 Cruel Young Heart, Young Liars, the Oh Wells, and Matiation @ the Dodson Rooms (AA)
2/18 Cursive w/UME @the Media Club
2/19 The Asteroids Galaxy Tour w/Vacationer @ Venue
2/20 Veronica Falls w/Bleached @ the Media Club
2/26 DJ Krush @ Fortune
2/29 Trevor Hall @ the Media Club
3/6 Slow Club w/Signals @ the Media Club
3/7 Cloud Nothings w/Mr. Dream @ the Media Clubr
3/8 Islands @ the Rio
3/10 Memoryhouse @ the Waldorf
3/17 William Fitzsimmons @ the Biltmore (early)
3/18 Magnetic Fields @ the Vogue (AA)
3/21 Plants & Animals>/b> @ the Rickshaw
3/22 Drive-by Truckers @ the Commodore
3/23 White Rabbits @ the Biltmore
3/23 Loney Dear @ the Media Club
3/24 Sharon Van Etten and the War on Drugs @ the Biltmore (early)
3/25 Nada Surf and An Horse @ the Rickshaw
3/27 The Ting Tings @ the Commodore
4/5 House de Racket @ the Electric Owl
4/6 Chairlift w/Nite Jewel @ the Electric Owl
4/7 Heartless Bastards @ the Media Club
4/8 Metronomy @ Venue
4/8 Gotye @ the Vogue (AA)
4/9 Cults @ Venue
4/10 First Aid Kit @ Venue
4/10 Andrew Bird w/Laura Marling @ the Vogue (AA)
4/13 The Odds and the Grapes of Wrath @ the Rickshaw
4/14 The Joel Plaskett Emergency @ the Vogue (AA)
4/24 School of Seven Bells w/Exitmusic @ the Electric Owl
4/26 Justice @ the PNE Forum (AA)
4/27 M83 @ the Vogue (AA)
4/27 Yukon Blonde @ the Commodore
4/28 Neon Indian @ Venue (early)
5/6 Delta Spirit w/Waters @ the Electric Owl
5/9 Yann Tiersen @ the Rickshaw
5/11 Great Lake Swimmers w/Cold Specks @ the Commodore
5/12 The Boxer Rebellion> @ the Biltmore
5/27 Coeur de Pirate @ Venue

AA = all ages
DG = @damaged goods
DFTK = @dirty for the kids
FJW = @fake jazz wed
EN = @easy now
GD = @glory days
HL = @higher learning JH = @junior high
JY= @junkyard
RRPP = @rocknroll pizza party
SD = @shindig
TT = @toonie tuesday
NW = @no worries

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